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The Babys

Oct 2017

Opening Act: Nick Sherwin

Take a new walk down memory lane with THE BABYS Tony Brock (original drummer), Wally Stocker (original lead guitarist), John Bisaha (lead vocalist/bassist), Joey Sykes (guitar), Francesco Saglietti (keyboards) and The Babettes- Holly Bisaha & Elisa Chadbourne!

Tony Brock Wally Stocker John Bisaha

TONY BROCK is one of the world’s most explosive and technically brilliant drummers. As a pro drummer since the age of 15,

Tony’s playing credits feature a who’s who of world-class musicians.

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WALLY STOCKER, born in England, is perhaps best known as the lead guitarist with THE BABYS. Wally’s distinct style, reminiscent of Paul Kossoff (Free), gave THE BABYS a distinct, recognizable sound.
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Born in New York, JOHN BISAHA is a pure vocalist who has worked within various forms of the industry for years. John has been honing his chops from a very early age, from fronting bands to television sitcoms…
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Joey Sykes Francesco Saglietti The Babys
JOEY SYKES was born and raised in New York and currently resides in L.A. Sykes got his first real taste of the industry with the band Boystown. He signed a singles deal in England with EMI, toured and recorded several albums.
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FRANCESCO SAGLIETTI was born in Torino, Italy where he was surrounded by music. While being classically trained on piano, he played in a variety of bands. Later, he relocated to Los Angeles, California where he’s…
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THE BABYS had some distinctive sounds in their DNA. From Tony Brock’s heavy drums, to Wally Stocker’s signature vibrato, none positioned them apart more than the unmistakable sound of THE BABETTES!

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