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Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to all the Veterans that have served the Red, White, and Blue. We appreciate the sacrifices you have made to keep our Freedoms.

We invite you to come in and take 20% off meals, with military ID, all day!

Big Bear Comedy Festival: Poisoned

November 4th & 5th Big Bear Comedy Festival is taking over Big Bear and putting a punch line on the weekend with us at Big Bear Lake Brewing Company!

Poisoned, comedians a little buzzed on stage. That means no filter and drunk banter from around 15 funny comedians tuned up just for you. Laugh it up and drink yourself silly!

Time: 11PM
Price: Advance $15 Door $20
Rated: Adult
Line Up: To Be Announced

For more information, check out

$5 Hot Drinks Today!

To celebrate Columbus Day and the start of Fall here in Big Bear, we are offering $5 hot drinks all day!

Come on out and have one of the following:

Nutty Russian
3 Olives Vanilla Vodka, Amaretto fresh organic coffee, whip cream & a dash of nutmeg.

Jack Daniels Fire Wiskey, Tuaca vanilla citrus liqueur, fresh hot apple cider & a cinnamon stick.

Peppermint Patty
Hot Chocolate, irish cream, peppermint schnapps, whip cream & Creme de Mente drizzle.

Irish Coffee
Jameson Irish whiskey, fresh organic coffee, irish cream & whip cream.

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

To all you dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day from Big Bear Lake Brewing Company!

To show appreciation on this special day, we would like to offer you 50% off beer flights to dad’s out celebrating with their family.

Have a wonderful day!

Locals get 10% off ENTIRE BILL every Thursday!

Big Bear is a tight knit community of awesome residence and we want to thank you for supporting us and Big Bear Lake Brewing Company.

That said, every Thursday we want to welcome any and all Big Bear, CA locals to join us at Big Bear Lake Brewing Company to enjoy 10% off YOUR ENTIRE BILL!

What’s the catch?

You have to show your server a valid ID with a Big Bear Address and this discount is not valid with any other discounts.

But I have a P.O. Box on my ID…

Not to worry, as long as it is 92314, 92315, 92333 or 92386 zip code you are all good!

Happy #NationalBeerDay

Today is National Beer Day and we are waiting for you to join us at Big Bear Lake Brewing Company!

Come in, grab a pint and take home a growler!

Meet the Crafts & Cranks Brewers

Crafts & Cranks is just around the corner and we have 19 West Coast Premier Craft Breweries that will be there showcasing their best in class brews! Here is a preview of a few breweries that will be at this years brewfest and bike race!

For more information on the event, visit!

Coachella Valley Brewing Co.CVB

Coachella Valley brewing company employs a state of the art 17 Barrel Brewhouse, the H.E.B.S. or high efficiency brew system and is one of five in operation on the planet. The heart of the system is mash filtration technology. We do not use a mash tun/lauter tun combo and instead press the mash through a filter press thereby increasing our mash efficiency to 95-98%. As compared to mash/lauter tun systems the H.E.B.S. is capable of producing a 17 barrel  batch every two hours while using 60% less water and producing 65% less spent grain solids. This systematic approach to brewing combined with green technology relative to our cleaning and sanitation practices poises Coachella Valley Brewing as a leader in producing high quality beers while being mindful of the environment. We are proud to have partnered up with many of the amazing local farmers and East Valley agriculture industry leaders using various locally grown sustainable ingredients to create our farm to glass Locally Crafted line of brews.

Dale Bros BreweryDaleBros

Dale Bros is a craft brewery and tap room in Upland, CA. We brew the kind of beer we like to drink. Beer that’s smooth, balanced and that pairs up well with food. Turns out other people like to drink it, too. Sometimes, they even like it enough to give it a gold medal (or two.) We’re not brewing beer to put trophies on our mantels, but it’s nice to be appreciated.

From the first foamy sip to the last, our goal has always been to create beer that tastes great. Our base ingredients are deceptively simple: San Francisco Lager Yeast. Two-Row Malt. Yet the fullness and depth of flavor come from knowing how to make those ingredients (and a few select others) shine.

Iron Fist Brewing Co.Ironfist

Iron Fist Brewing Company is a family owned brewery located in Vista, California, smack-dab in the middle of the exciting San Diego craft beer scene. Our passion for the best hand crafted beer prompted us to make a lot of it. However, we quickly realized we were making a bit more than we could drink ourselves, so we decided to sell whatever we don’t drink to you. So do yourself a favor; start a little revolution. It’s ok. We won’t tell on you. Put the 500 pack of light lager back with all its buddies and rule your taste with an Iron Fist!

Karl Strauss Brewing CompanyKarlStrauss

Karl Strauss Brewing Company is a regional craft brewery based in San Diego, California. Founded in 1989, it was the first brewery to open in San Diego in more than 50 years. Today, Karl Strauss is the 39th largest craft brewer in the United States, and one of the fastest growing craft brands in the Western Region – all with sole distribution in the Golden State.

Karl Strauss brews more than 30 different styles of beer at its 60-barrel Main Brewery in San Diego’s Pacific Beach, and seven satellite Brewery Restaurants across Southern California. Beer offerings include perennial favorites like the multi-award-winning Red Trolley Ale and Tower 10 IPA, as well as innovative special releases in Karl’s Coastal Reserve Series and Imperial Collection.

As San Diego’s craft beer pioneer, Karl Strauss Brewing Company proudly serves more than 3,000 local businesses in California, including bars, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, airports, and theme parks. From grocery chains like Albertsons, Ralphs, and Vons to its “Beer Truck” at Disney’s California Adventure, California craft beer-fans are always within reach of a Karl Strauss beer. Share it. Cheers.

Lagunitas Brewing CompanyLagunitas

From points distant and beyond we all converged on Petaluma in 1993 and ’94 with an unenunciated desire to be more than we were before. The core of Lagunitas came from Chicago, St Louis, Memphis, Walker Creek, and the highlands of Quincy.

The Chicago contingent initiated the brewing and the gravitational effect of its suchness did the rest. We all loved the beer but the mission was larger than the ordinary joy of a hoppy-sweet quaff. It was driven unseen by an urge to communicate with people, to find our diasporidic tribe, and to connect with other souls adrift on a culture that had lost its center and spun its inhabitants to the four winds to wander lost and bereft with a longing to re-enter the light. Beer, we have learned, has always been a good lubricant for social intercourse!

The Lagunitas Brewing Co. was not so much an act of ordinary ‘foundling’ as it was willed into being by the unspoken desire of supportive beer-lovers in Northern California after which they continued to nurture their creation and urged us forward to fulfill the unifying needs of that same beer-loving diaspora from coast to coast and beyond. It is good to have friends!

Lightning BreweryLightning

In the case of Lightning Brewery, following one’s heart has proven a winning solution. In just 6 years selling craft beer to the public, Lightning Brewery styles have won 30 nationally recognized beer awards, including a coveted Best in Show. To win a Best in Show, a beer must receive a gold medal in its category and then go on to beat all gold medal winners in all categories. In 2010, Lightning’s Elemental Pilsner won the gold in its category at the California State Fair Commercial Craft Beer Competition and then beat 37 other beers in all other categories to receive an Honorable Mention Second Runner Up, one step down from Best in Show.

In 2012, Lightning’s Old Tempestuous Ale went the whole way, beating hundreds of other entries to win both the gold in its category and then going on to beat 60 other gold medal winners to win First Place, Best in Show of all entrants.

Ritual Brewing Co.

Ritual Brewing Co. in Redlands, California was founded by two guys with a true passion for great beer: Steve Dunkerken and Owen Williams.

A few years ago, Steve had invited Owen over to his place for a homebrewing session.  At the time the guys were loosely acquainted with one another and Owen politely declined.  Truth was that this industry veteran didn’t see the point in hanging out and homebrewing with a few plastic buckets.  A visit from the head brewer of a well-known San Diego County brewery lured Owen over to Steve’s place.  Once Owen saw what Steve was up to in his garage he went back for a few more brewing sessions.

At the time, Owen had recently left his long time gig as Director of Brewing Operations for BJ’s Brewhouse and Restaurants and dreamed of his own brewery but he was unsure about going it alone.  Steve had been asked many times if he ever thought about opening a brewery.  While it’s something that occupies a corner of most homebrewers minds it was something that didn’t seem practical to Steve – at least the part about hanging up a great career and venturing off on his own.  Together they had the right mix of brewing and business experience and a common passion for brewing great beer. It didn’t take many brewing sessions in Steve’s garage for these two to start creating Ritual Brewing Co.

Tap It BrewingTapIt

At Tap It Brewing Company, we’re a family of craft beer lovers. We’re true to our roots and true to our word. We like to take a laid-back approach to almost everything we do. But there’s one thing we are absolutely serious about—our beer.

The Gordon Family began brewing in what use to be an old warehouse in San Luis Obispo, California. We quickly became known for our handcrafted and award-winning, all-American beers. Our warehouse became a great hangout and the rest is history. Today you can join us in our Tap Room and watch the brewers in action while you enjoy one of our full-flavored craft beers.

We strip our water down to the barest possible state and revamp with minerals to brew our beers just the way you like it. Whether it’s our dark, rich full-blown stout, or our smooth finish pale ales with just the right amount of snap, or our gold medal winning IPA with a distinctive, crisp, pleasurable, full-body taste, we are dedicated to sharing our passion for delicious beer with our ever-growing family of craft beer-loving fans.

The Dudes’ Brewing CompanyTheDudes

When the Dudes’ was founded in Los Angeles, there were several incredible beers being crafted locally, but LA had not yet made a name for itself in the craft beer world.  That’s why the Dudes’ goal is to help put Los Angeles Craft beer on the map both locally and nationally.  In Southern California, we’re spoiled with an abundance of sunny days, and we’re known for our laid back attitudes and beach life – all of which we aim to bring to you in each brew we make.  That’s why we like to say, “Happy Dudes’ make great brews, and great brews make people happy.”  Enjoy!

Meet the Crafts & Cranks Brewers!

Crafts & Cranks is just around the corner and we have 19 West Coast Premier Craft Breweries that will be there showcasing their best in class brews! Here is a preview of a few breweries that will be at this years brewfest and bike race!

For more information on the event, visit!

Absolution Brewing CompanyAbsolution

We operate on a much simpler and smaller converted 7 barrel grundy. This direct-fire system provides us with the opportunity to truly brew in an Old World style. We concentrate on crafting high quality small batch beers 5 to 6 barrels at a time (gotta have room for that boiling froth at the top). We use single infusion mashing in our open mash tun, though we do some decoction on occasion.

All of our fermenters are glycol jacketed open fermenters that allow for temperature- controlled fermentation. While these fermenters may be open, they are always lidded to prevent contamination from floating in on the breeze. Each fermenter is capable of converting 12 barrels of wort into our fine beers, so most of our brews are double-batched to fill our fermenters.

Angle City BreweryAngelCity

Angel City Brewery is excited to be part of the brewing renaissance of Downtown LA by bringing old-world, small-batch, craft brewing to the new world of the expanding Arts District. We are committed to the continued growth and revitalization of our neighborhood by being an interactive and supportive partner to the arts and business communities, as well as the burgeoning craft beer movement in Los Angeles.

Angel City Brewing was founded in 1997. Starting modestly, Angel City quickly became a leader in the LA craft beer scene. In 2004 Angel City bought an 8,000 barrel German-made brewery in Alpine Village near Los Angeles on EBay! and lovingly restored the facility. In late 2010, Angel City relocated the brewery to the historic John A. Roebling Building in LA’s Downtown Arts District. The vision was, and remains, to give this great city a great brewery.

On January 5, 2012, Angel City Brewery was acquired by Alchemy & Science, a craft beer collaboration led by Alan Newman and Stacey Steinmetz, formerly of Magic Hat Brewing Company.

Since January 2012, we’ve undergone massive renovations, including the addition of a new mustache bar. We began brewing in April of 2012, and started popping up in local LA bars and restaurants soon thereafter.

In February 2013, we opened the doors to the Brewery and Public House, but with limited hours as construction continued. We offer an ever-rotating selection of Angel City beer on tap, which includes a number of beers exclusively available at the Brewery. In addition to pints and flights, we offer brewery tours,events, and a great place to gather with friends. We have a small on-site retail store as well. Outside food is always welcome, and there are a number of great locations in our neighborhood that offer take out. In addition to the neighborhood cuisine, our parking lot has become a hot spot for food trucks, with one parked outside nearly every night we’re open. On May 5th, 2013 we had our grand opening with our first ever Heritage Festival. We’re now seven days a week for brewery tours and tastings, and we have full roster of weekly events.

If you’re looking for our beer outside of the brewery, we are available on draft and in bottle at a number of locations around LA. Click here to find us in your neighborhood.

For the latest news on Angel City Brewery, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Backstreet BreweryBackstreetBrewery

Backstreet Brewery opened its doors in 1998 in Irvine, CA.  Establishing itself as an Orange County pioneer in craft brewing, Backstreet Brewery immediately became a local favorite.  Set inside the well established Lamppost Pizza, the brewery and pub style bar immediately earned a reputation for its universal craft beer appeal, atmosphere, and inventive microbrew character.  In 2004, Backstreet Brewery opened another location in Vista, CA; again, spearheading a craft beer surge in North County San Diego, and leading the way to reinventing the city of Vista. The latest installment is a tasting room and production facility in the city of Anaheim. This facility opened in August 2015 and right down the street from Anaheim Stadium and many other fantastic breweries and restaurants.

After years of operating as an award winning microbrewery and pub, Backstreet Brewery plunged into the world of craft beer bottling in February 2014.  Beginning with four different styles of craft beer: Tomahawk Double IPA, Set Sail IPA, Rita Red Ale, and Rydin’ Dirty Rye IPA, Backstreet Brewery began supplying Orange County with 22 oz. bottles of local craft brew straight from its original location in Irvine. BSB will be consistently releasing new beers to the bottling line.

Backstreet Brewery has continued to grow and expand as a family run establishment with deep roots in the local communities throughout Southern California.  In addition, Backstreet Brewery has evolved its online presence through social media and various web applications, while participating in beer festivals, tastings, and competitions.  As a pioneer of craft beer in Orange County, Backstreet Brewery plans to continue its expansion and grow its operation within the craft beer industry.

Ballast Point Brewing CompanyBallastPoint

After developing a taste for beer in college, founder Jack White decided to try making more interesting beer than he could find in the store or at a keg party. Jack, along with his college roommate Pete A’Hearn, began home brewing in their apartment at UCLA and soon realized it wasn’t easy to get access to the various supplies and ingredients he wanted—nor did he have anyone with whom to trade ideas about brewing.

In 1992, Jack opened Home Brew Mart, which he filled with the supplies, ingredients, and conversation every brewer needed to make better beer at home. His plan was to one day take this hobby to the pro level and start a brewery. Around the same time, Pete went off to UC Davis to get his master brewer’s certificate – they soon found a collaborator in Yuseff Cherney, a fellow home brewer with a similar passion and a set of home brewing awards to boot. Yuseff became Home Brew Mart’s first employee and was part of the team to open a “back room” brewery behind the shop. In 1996, Ballast Point Brewing was born.

Belching Beaver BreweryBelchingBeaver

Belching Beaver does not brew good beer. We brew truly great beer. Currently, we are crafting 7 distinct beers that range from blondes to stouts, which are sure to please anyone’s tastes. Our first priority is using quality ingredients to create the beer recipes at our microbrewery. When we decided to move forward with the brewery, we told Troy not to worry about how much money we were spending on ingredients. With a name like Belching Beaver, we better have great beer or we would be the biggest joke in town. We contracted our hops before we found a location or even bought equipment. I told Troy that I would throw any beer out and delay opening unless it was perfect. In truth, we had no worries because Troy makes great beer. He did not disappoint! As my wife would say, “It’s fabulous.” Our customers say, “They’re all fabulous.” As Dave would say…well he would sniff out each aroma hop, and then describe the grapefruit flavors, the honey overtones and the crisp clean orange peel that delights the palate. I just say, “Man, great beer!”

Boomtown BreweryBoomtown

Established in 2014, Boomtown Brewery is a safe haven for locals, art, local artists, and anyone striving to make a craft something that it used to be, art.

In the mid 1800’s, Boomtowns in California were the number one reason people moved west in the United States.  Lured by potential riches and excitement, tens of thousands moved to California to various overnight success-story towns, with one purpose in mind…to make it, and make it big.   Some of those towns ceased to exist after very short periods; others remained until the “well” ran dry.

Los Angeles, in particular, maintains the same allure for thousands of people that move here every year to pursue their dreams in a myriad of industries, giving it a constant injection of people with aspirations to make their mark.   The arts industry in Los Angeles remains one of the most influential in the world, thus creating an undying boom that has made this city, and its inhabitants, the mecca of creativity it is today.

It is with that in mind that we embarked on a journey to bring artisan beer to those artists, and to embrace both their creativity and community.  Boomtown Brewery will not only craft old world, unfiltered, gravity fed, full flavored beers with integrity; it will be a showcase for local artists through events, galleries, and by simply being a creative local establishment.   We want everything about Boomtown to be a haven and an expression of what our home, the Arts District in Los Angeles, is all about.

Boomtown will have every label designed by local artists, as well as furnishings, fixtures, and structures.  Boomtown will be a community where people can gather to enjoy beer, games, to express themselves creatively, and to hang with like-minded people.  We will host a variety of events ranging from live music shows to gallery showings, benefits, block parties, bicycle rides, etc.  All in the name of contributing to the creative community that is “The Los Angeles Arts District”.

Bootlegger’s BreweryBootleggers

Bootlegger’s Brewery began as the brainchild of experienced homebrewer and beer lover Aaron Barkenhagen. Aaron developed the business concept and business plan while enrolled in the Entrepreneurship program at California State University, Fullerton. The envisioned brewery would be a small artisan brewery supplying the local community and beyond with fresh and unique handcrafted beer.

With the support of family and friends, Aaron continued to lead the development and construction of Bootlegger’s Brewery in Fullerton, CA. It took almost a full year of construction and licensing to complete the small brewery on Richman Ave. The resulting brewery was a humble 7 barrel brewhouse with three fermenters and plenty of space to grow.

After over 2 years of planning and building, Fullerton’s first packaging microbrewery opened its doors and delivered its first keg in April 2008.

While the brewery continues to expand distribution and production capacity, Bootlegger’s Brewery stays true to the original plan; build a local artisan brewery supported by local businesses and consumers while continuing to make the highest quality and most unique beer possible. “Drink Fresh, Drink Local” is the motto at Bootlegger’s Brewery and while there is constant expansion of production and distribution, no matter where Bootlegger’s beer ends up, the brewery is determined to continue to brew beer not far from where it’s sold.

The Boston Beer CompanyBostonBeer

In 1984, Jim Koch discovered his great-great grandfather’s recipe for Louis Koch Lager in his father’s attic.

Looking to follow his family’s passion for brewing, Jim brewed the recipe in his kitchen with the hopes of challenging the status quo in the American beer industry. He started by introducing American drinkers to craft-brewed beers that were full-flavored, balanced, and complex, and brewed with quality ingredients. Pleased with his brew, Jim started The Boston Beer Company with his co-founder and first employee, Rhonda Kallman. In those first months, Jim walked bar-to-bar with a briefcase full of beer that he called Samuel Adams Boston Lager, in recognition of one of our nation’s great founding fathers, a revolutionary man of independent mind and spirit. Boston Lager soon became a catalyst of the American craft beer revolution, making its public debut in Boston on Patriot’s Day in April 1985. Six weeks after its introduction, Boston Lager was selected as “The Best Beer in America” in The Great American Beer Festival’s Consumer Preference Poll, which became an award Samuel Adams Boston Lager went on to win an unprecedented four times.

Crafts & Cranks 2015!

2015 Crafts & Cranks

For all you gear heads and hop lovers out there, we have the perfect event for you! This year Big Big Bear Lake Brewing Company has teamed up with Snow Summit to host the 1st Annual Crafts & Cranks Bike Race and Brewfest!

Be sure to join us at Snow Summit on October 10, 2015 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Ages: 21+
Ticket Prices: $50/ticket (entrance into Beer Festival.) All tickets come with wristband and a take home souvenir tasting glass!

Live Music from Spankshaft, The Devious Means, Morgan Leigh Band and Barley!

We have 18 of the finest breweries the West Coast has to offer.

Crafts & Cranks Breweries

Absolution Brewing Company Angel City Brewery Backstreet Brewery Ballast Point Brewing Belching Beaver Brewery Big Bear Lake Brewing Company Boomtown Brewery Bootlegger's Brewery Boston Beer Company Coachella Valley Brewing Company Dal Bros Brewery Iron Fist Brewing Company Karl Strauss Brewing Company Lagunitas Brewing Company Lightning Brewery Ritual Brewing Company Tap It Brewing Company The Dudes' Brewing Company

Big Bear Lake Brewing Company

Big Bear Lake has beer! And it’s not just at Oktoberfest. Big Bear Lake Brewing Company has been making a name for it’s self up here on the mountain this year as one of the hottest new restaurants and places to be in Big Bear. Read more